We toured the XQ school in Đà Lạt

Poshanu Cham Tower is from the ancient kingdom of Champa. 

 8th century

This is my late sister-in-law, Chi and her son, Khang.

She was one of my first friends in Vietnam.

Bicky and I enjoying the beach at Mui Ne on the South China Sea.

Chi, Bicky, Baby #4, Ti and little Khang at Mui Ne dunes, June 2003

Over my left shoulder is the South China Sea

Bicky and I at a dragon fruit farm near Phan Thiet

Our first stop on the coast was brief, but Ca Na was beautiful.

Me, Bic, De Diu, Chi and Khang at Ca Na

Chi and her son, Khang at Ba Hồ

Despite the heat at Bá Hô (three pools), we had a wonderful time.

on our way to Monkey Island

Bảo Đại was the was the 13th and final Emperor of the Nguyễn dynasty, the last ruling family of Vietnam.  We went over to his house, but he wasn't home.  He died in 1997.

Bic was a student here in Đà Lạt where she studied Russian.  She told me about a fancy hotel she had often walked past, wondering what it might look like inside.  So, I booked a couple of nights at the Đà Lạt Palace hotel.  We weren't disappointed.

a couple of leather-hatted cowpokes on the trail in Love Valley

This was our first visit to the XQ school of embroidery in Đà Lạt.  Some of the art here would be fit to hang in the world's best art museums.  We go back every time we visit Đà Lạt.

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