With demolition of the old buildings on site finished, we were ready to sink the 35 pilings.

Nearly ready for the flowable fill

This boat brought the flow-able fill.  They pumped it through a pipe from the canal to the site.

Filling the foundation with the sand/water slurry

220 Volts

This climate doesn't allow wood frame construction.  Our insulation consists, then, of the air within and between the bricks in our walls.

We added a separate building as a summer kitchen to keep the heat out of the house.

Welding the support structure for the garage door


This girl carried most of the bricks for our house and not one at a time.

Bic and our friend Tuan.  He was the architect for our new house.

He was repairing a scaffold.

Concrete Comes From Heaven

Bic's sister, Thuy and her son in front of our house during construction

Here you see Bicky schooling the electrician.

Each intersection of rebar had been carefully wired together before the 2nd floor concrete could be poured.

Pouring the stairway

Bringing the Heat

This is little Chainsaw.  She showed up one day and never left.  The foreman adopted her.

Our foreman, Hung, in conversation with one of the workers

Reflection in the granite slab that was to be applied to our front façade.

Another Friday afternoon party on our front porch featuring flammable wine

Chainsaw didn't want to let go.

Bic and Thao talking about the progress

Our bedroom wall was finally done.

I was testing the shower.

Choosing a toilet would seem like no big deal, but when we saw the Toto Washlet at the showroom in Saigon, we were sold on it.

Our bedroom

Our bedroom was finally ready.

The design on the living-room wall echoes that of our bedroom.

Now there is a large tree in the front yard.  We also installed moveable, outdoor shades.

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