Left to Right:  Patty, Rich and Ginger

1365 Wicke Des Plaines Illinois 1954

Byron Hughes 1923

Byron Hughes High School Graduation 1939

Ginger 1956

Grandpa Posson and Rich 1952

Christmas in Chicago 1959

Richard Hughes 1951

Patty and Ginger 1952

Ginger and Rich 1953 - Des Plaines, IL

Enid Hughes 1920

Baby Ginger and Patty 1948 - Chicago

Patty 1944

Great Grandmother Posson (date unknown)

Great Grandma Carter and Aunt Ina ~1964

Rich 1964

Rich and Willie 1964 - Des Plaines

Grandpa Hughes, St. Petersburg, FL 1964


Grandpa Posson Des Plaines, IL 1964

Mom 1964 Des Plaines

Judy Posson


Dad and Willie


Ginger and Rich

Rich 1957 Des Plaines

Watching TV with Mom 1955 Des Plaines

Rich In His Underpants And A Cowboy Hat 1953

Rich and Dad 1951

Rich 1365 Wicke Des Plaines

Charles E. Hughes and Sara Jane Richardson Kentucky 1872 Tintype

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